Kushnivas Standard Poodles
 KushNivas Standard Poodles

BOVISS BPISS Ch Aris Talisman of KushNivas CGN CDX RE


Sire: Ch Litilann's Book'em Dan'el
Dam: Ch Aris Blue Skies Jump For Joy

May 2, 2007 - November 19, 2016

Goodbye my friend, I wll miss you. You gave me a wonderful 9 1/2 years. Always by my side, truly my partner.

You can now join Rod and the Girls. Keep them safe.

RIP my wonderful companion. Love always...

CHIC#: 57295
OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbow Prelims: Normal
OFA Heart: Normal
CERF: 2009, 2011, 2012
Von Willebrands: Clear
Sebaceous Adenitis: Normal

Owner: Jane Beaudry
Breeders: Beth and Micheal Harris

Hi, I'm Aris Talisman of KushNivas, otherwise known as Ari.

I'm the new kid on the block. I came from Beth and Michael Harris of Aris Standard Poodles in Florida.

My best friends are Teka, Jessie, Justice and now, Gaby.

I love spending time with the babes when they're around. My favorite past time is playing. I have a stuffed kitten that I love, especially when mom throws it, and I always bring it back. Evenings are spent playing and cuddling with my "boy toy", in other words MY DAD!

Standard Poodle Ari, playing ball  Standard Poodle Ari, playing ball

This is me at 3.5 years.  I'm out in the yard playing ball with my mom.

Of course, when I saw my Dad, I had to stop and watch.

Would he come and play too?

Ari Best Puppy In Group (and more)!

Best of Winners
Best Puppy in Breed
Best Puppy in Group

Red Deer, Alberta
April 5, 2008

Under esteemed Judge Theresa Gallo of Argentina, Ari took Best of Winners and Puppy in Breed and Group.

He is now "Ch Aris Talisman of KushNivas".

Many thanks to Teri Taplin, Ari's best friend.

Later on that evening at the "Poodle Club of Canada Western Regional, under Judge Luis Aizcorbe, Ari was moved up to Specials; he was a young man in a world of huge coated Specials.  (Remember, he is only 11 months).

Ari was on top of the world!  He didn't know that he was a babe in a big boys' world, and nobody was going to tell him, as he wasn't about to listen.

The judge pulled three males from the line up, and the decision was made....

Ari was presented with the Best of Variety and Puppy in Variety.

Ari Best Puppy In Specialty Show

Best of Breed
Best Puppy in Specialty
Poodle Club of Canada
Western Regional
Red Deer, Alberta
April 5, 2008

Next came Breed Judging... gosh by this time Ari is totally wired.  Every time the crowd cheered, he figured he had to perform... I have never seen him move the way he moved.  (I was later told that he is very reminiscent of his Grandfather Colin's movement.) 

At the end of the evening, Breed went to an exceptional male mini and Ari took Puppy in Breed.  Quite the accomplishment for a baby who has just turned 11 months.  Our poor boy was exhausted.  He just wanted to sleep.  He had been up since 6:30 AM and by the time we got back to benching, it was 10 PM.

Standard Poodles Ari and Jessie
Ari and Jessie playing in the yard.

Well it is the end of 2009.  This year I took a break from the Conformation Ring.  Mom decided to let me grow up so instead of playing in the show ring, I got to play at games called Rally and Obedience.  They are far more fun than Conformation, thank goodness. 

Mom also cut my coat off.  That being said, she left me with a great big pony tail.  Some mornings I'm not sure what to do with it... I look hilarious.  But it's okay, cause my best friend Jessie got the same hair cut, hee hee.

Occasionally we get to go out in the yard together.  Jessie is so funny, she makes me be really silly.  Sometimes we play in the leaves and pretend we're trees...  other times we just play chase.

Ari receiving High In Trial award
High In Trial
Aren't I handsome with my new ribbon?
PS.  the lovely lady shown with me is the Judge...

Well, here it is almost the end of 2010.  I had a great year.  I've done both Rally and Obedience.  I have my RN and two legs of my RA.  I also have my CD, finishing with a HIT.  My mom is so proud of me. 

Last Spring, my mom finally fixed my hair cut.  She gave me an Historically Correct Continental (well at least she is working at it!)  So I still have a bare bottom, but my jacket is a little shorter.  She even trimmed my ears.  It's a good thing, cause I kept getting them caught when I went to pick up my dumb bell. 

For the rest of the year I'll just be playing and having fun working on my Obedience, the way life was meant to be.

Image of Standard Poodles Ari and Jessie
Best friends, Ari and Jessie

My how time has flown by, it's now almost the end of 2013 and I'm almost 7 years old. 

I have my Rally Excellent, my CDX and am now working on my Utility... Wish me luck!! 

Oh yes, and my true colours are finally showing.  I'm a beautiful BLUE! 

This is me and ma' lady, Jessie... isn't she pretty?  I am at her beck and call.  I want to know how come I don't get a haircut before photos, like she does?