Kushnivas Standard Poodles
 KushNivas Standard Poodles

Ch Khalsa's Dark Crystal CDX Am CD


Sire: Denevillette Dante of Khalsa

Dam: Khalsa's Peaches N Cream

DOB: December 18, 1999

Cryst earns Best Puppy In Group

Ch Khalsa Dark Crystal CDX (Crysti), that's me and I joined our family as a companion to Mom, because Dad, being a Member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) was always away due to his job. As a previous Dog Handler with the RCMP, Dad wanted a dog that was smart... well he got me, and never looked back! Dad had his shining star and Mom had her loving companion and Obedience dog...

I started classes at four months, and immediately I demonstrated my ability to read people. I knew what I wanted (the treats) and I knew how to get them. Do exactly what they wanted me to do. I was on a fast track to obtaining my CD.

Along the way, we took a trip to meet Teri Taplin in Edmonton. Mom didn't believe I was beautiful enough to show in conformation, but she was wrong. I was drop dead gorgeous! Teri trimmed me up a bit and gave mom instructions on when to bring me back to her. So we returned home to Prince George BC, and went back to Obedience training.

At nine months, we attended an Obedience Trial. That weekend I acquired my Companion Dog (CD) title in three straight trials, AND I also won Grand Aggregate. What a weekend! Mom and Dad were so proud of me, their little baby.

A month later I went to live with Teri Taplin in Edmonton, AB. What an experience.

I got to stand on a table in this gigantic building and I could see everything that was going on. My tail didn't stop waving to all my friends. Then came show time. The first time I was in the ring there was this tall man that looked me over (I think I intimidated him, he didn't smile). But he did let me stop and scratch, do you know how tight those elastics are?

The next day, I had to go back in the ring; the nice lady gave me a pretty ribbon. I could see mom and dad, trying to hide behind a pillar, getting really excited. They thought I didn't know they were there. I let them play the game.

Cryst earns Best Puppy In Show!

I got to go back in the ring a number of times that day, and I got more pretty ribbons and even a present. Gosh, that was fun. Any way that was pretty much the way it was the rest of the weekend and again, the following weekend. Lots of pretty ribbons and nice presents.

Well, at the end of the second weekend, they told me I was a Champion with a Companion Dog title and I had to go home.

Now that my show career was on hold for a while, I went back to training. Mom said I couldn't get by with just a pretty face, I needed an education. So I started working on my Companion Dog Excellent (CDX). Working Certificate (WC), and tracking.

At approximately 18 months of age, I got my CDX.

Crysti earns Am CD with her Dad!

Later on when I was eight years old, I got my American CD with my Dad.


Well there I was the pampered darling of our family, when my life was shattered. We were getting a new baby! I thought about it for a while, and yes was a little jealous, but in the end it was ok. After all, she would never be able to live up to my image, tall, dark, extremely beautiful, and exceptionally brilliant. Then she arrived...

As the star of this website, I should also tell you the reason I haven't had babies and why I didn't get to wear a fancy hair cut at dog shows. I have Addison's Disease. Don't say "oh no", I am very happy and live an almost normal life. My life changed when I was two years old. I was doing all the necessary testing (hips/skin, eyes) to ensure I was perfect (I already knew I was, but mom wanted to make sure), so I could have babes. Then I got sick. Yup... Addison's. Thanks to a great vet, Dr. Christine Murdock, I am here today. With her guidance, mom and dad got on a great regime and now I get my meds twice a day and live a normal life.

Crysti coming through the tunnel-Agility  Crysti doing Agility with Dad  Crysti weave poles with Dad
I do obedience, tracking and now am learning agility. (I love to weave and boy can I wiggle my butt.)

I also get to keep Teka in place an play aunty to all the future KushNivas babies. The down side is I was spayed. Mom and Dad didn't want to chance babes inheriting the genes that carry Addisons. (My life span can be as long as any other poodles, as long as I take my meds every day and don't get overly stressed about life. My friend with Addisons, just passed at the wonderful age of 14.) By the way, people get Addisons too. Well enough about me, almost, after you enjoy my photos. I will introduce you to the rest of the family...

It is with great sadness, I must say, we have lost both Crysti and FAI. Crysti (age 9) to an Addison related illness and FAI (age 6) to cancer... however, because KushNivas came about because of these two wonderful girls, I am leaving their pages on this website.

Please forgive my indulgence, but they will always be KushNivas..... Jane