Kushnivas Standard Poodles
 KushNivas Standard Poodles

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KushNivas Standard Poodles

Our lovely Teka

At KushNivas Standard Poodles we breed, show, groom and do performance, ie obedience, Rally-O, tracking, Field work (WC) and now agility. But our primary importance is happy, healthy dogs.

Our philosophy is that Poodles should work and be conformationally sound. Our dogs must carry titles on both ends and have passed health testing including hips, Thyroid, SA, CERF, NE, Heart, von Willebrands and hopefully carry a CHIC number, before they can be bred. Due to unforeseen circumstances, sometimes the performance titles come later.

Please explore our website to meet our dogs, and get to know more about us.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

KushNivas (pronounced kush-nee-vas) means 'Happy Dog House'

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