Well, it’s already the end of August, can’t believe how fast time flies. 2019 has flown by so fast, and I don’t know where to begin. I guess at the beginning.

Reba and I had an exciting beginning of 2019. We made a very fast trip t for Reba to meet the father of her first litter… the very handsome Back in Black Louy. In March she presented us with three beautiful little girls. She was a fantastic mom and spent every waking minute with them, playing with them non-stop. The beginning of May, the girls went to their forever homes and Reba returned to Obedience training.

Yes, back at it. She was so excited to be training again. Ahhh, but then came summer; time for yard work, limited time for training. But also with summer came a date with another handsome boy by the name of Urban Art Freedom….

More to come, soon.. but here’s a sneak peek of Dad.

While Reba and I are playing and working in the yard the other Kushnivas Kids were busy……   Pandora (MOTCH KushNivas Fashionably Late RAE) has retired from the Obedience but is still making the occasional appearance in the Rally Ring.  She is now a Carting dog….

Our lovely Ashton is finally retiring.  He will be 13 in October.

He is BIS Can Ch Am Ch Kushnivas Winterash Seransil CD Am CD RAE2 Am RE Am AGN Am JWN  AGXV AGXJV NPV JTV plus a Steeplechase title, just don’t know the initials.  He now spends his time entertaining his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.    He loves puppies….


MOTCH KushNivas Everlasting Oberon, aka Obi, is still making appearances in the Obedience Ring, however, he is busy teaching with his new young house partner the ropes.


Ahh, Ms. Dottie,  KushNivas Lets Jus Do It Again, has joined the ranks of Therapy Dog….    Dottie is Reba’s littermate, and she lives with Panache aka CH OTCH Alias Let’s Jus Do It CGN ITD  (Panache is littermate to Justice, who keeps my bed warm at night…)


Then we have one of the younger KusNivas kids making her mark in the Obedience ring, Ms. Mya, aka Kushnivas I did it Mya Way CD RI (Mya is Reba’s baby sister)  When Mya’s not cleaning up in the Rally or Obedience ring, she is busy doing Agility….    That being said, little Ms. Mya had TWO High in Trials this summer….

Last but definitely not least, we have Ms. Keisha…..   RCh KushNivas Hoodwinked the Devil CD RAE.   Ms. Keisha is currently the NUMBER TWO ALL BREED DOG IN CANADA in Rally Obedience !!!!  That being said there are still four months left in 2019 so we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed that she and her mom are able to continue on this fantastic road.  There are three other great dogs in the top four, and all are vying for that top spot.


Please check back often, I promise to try to do a better job of keeping everybody posted on adventures of the Kids of KushNivas


(psssst maybe even new puppy photos)