BILLY WAS THE second born of a litter of seven.    He was a little boy, who quickly wormed his way into my heart.  He came running as soon as I entered the Puppy room, so happy and loving.  (As were all his littermates, but...).  Billy was destined to become the loving companion to a wonderful young lady, however, life got in the way and since I was in love with this chubby little boy... The male that I always wanted to retire with had found me.
After five of the puppies left for their new homes, only Billy (the littlest boy) and another pup, Frankie (the largest pup), who stayed for several months until he was old enough to travel to the Philippines with his new dad were left  Billy had a couple of rough months trying to keep up with this big brother, but he managed very well.  Then he was alone, except for his Mom (Reba), Gr Gramma Jessie, and Gr Uncle Justice.  Tough life for a little boy.  Momma wanted to wrestle with him, but Jessie and Justice wanted to “protect” him from the roughhousing.  What they failed to acknowledge is that Billy had learned how to roughhouse with his BIG brother.  
Then Billy started to grow, and grow, and grow.  He isn't very tall, but he has a magnificent neck and he has learned to stand and balance on his hind legs...  making him almost as tall as myself....  quite a sight...  he gets the best views of the squirrels in the yard, or when walking in the park, you would swear he is part human when he takes his human stance.  I believe he thinks he is human.  I walk into the kitchen and there he is sitting on a chair at the kitchen table, staring out the patio doors,  just waiting for the squirrels to appear.  
Now at one year of age, he is so loving, he accompanies me everywhere, moving from room to room with me.   He still thinks that when I sit on the couch that he can still curl up on my knee.  No point telling him he's too big because in his mind my knee is definitely the only place to pass the evening.  
He has never met a stranger; he plays gently with my 3 yr old Gr Granddaughter, he loves her...  He is curious about everything and quick to learn;  brave while walking in unknown territory; willing to meet strange dogs, but he's not in their faces.  He prefers to meet them halfway.  His favourite toy is a baby's soft stuffed ball but he can't wait to retrieve anything I throw for him.   I'm hiding his ball in a room or adjoining areas and then sending him to find it...  he's got a great nose.
The time has come to do some serious obedience training.  A necessity for every good dog.  Over the past months we've played with it, so the stays, downs are great, but other aspects of obedience are a work in progress.  But we have time to perfect these things.