GRCH Tiara Zachary


  • CHIC # - 54153
  • Hips - Good
  • Eyes - Normal
  • Cardiac - Normal
  • Thyroid - Normal
  • Patella - Normal
  • SA - Normal
  • Dentition – full
  • NE w/Seizures - Normal
  • Degenerative Myelopathy- Normal


BOSS BPISS Can Ch KushNivas Jus Smoke N Mirrors RN CD


  • CHIC # - 122723
  • hips - fair
  • Eyes - Normal
  • Advanced Cardiac - Normal
  • SA - Normal
  • Von Willebrands - Clear
  • Degenerative Myelopathy- Normal
  • NE w/Seizures - Normal

This exciting litter is due to make their entrance the beginning of November...   We at KushNivas are all excited, especially Billy our youngster from our last litter...  He figures "Finally somebody closer to my age to play with..... "   Sorry Billy, if anything these pups will be getting more attention than you.


Introducing Zach! ….GRC Tiara Zachary, #1 UKC Standard Poodle Conformation Champion 2006 and 2009. Zachary comes from a long line of Champions and Grand Champions and resides in the lovely mountains of Southern California.

This photo was taken at age 11.5 yrs, he is soon to be 13 yrs young. (Born May 7, 2007)

Zach was chosen to be Reba’s final mate for many reasons. Their personalities are similar. They are sweet, loving kids, and extremely gentle in nature. They love people. They are also smart as whips. Perfect family dogs, perfect performance dogs; you choose the sport and they will do their best for you.

Zach is sire to the American #1 Disc Poodle (Frisbee) several years in a row. Amazing athlete and amazing companion.


Over the years I have bred many gorgeous poodles, Champions and Companions alike. Many have been large and many more petite. This litter was aimed at producing smaller Standard Poodles to fit into todays households.

Not only does Zach complement Reba’s personality but size as well. I’m hoping for the perfect size for smaller homes, who would also complement larger homes. Ideal for working in Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Agility and any other sport you enjoy. That being said, I really have no say, nor can I guarantee what they will produce either in size or colour.

This litter has the potential to be a first for me.. Zach and Reba both carry Black and Brown genes…. What colour will they be, half the litter brown and the other half Black? Only time will tell.