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CHIC # - 141149
hips - Good
Eyes - Normal
Cardiac - Normal
Thyroid - Normal
Patella - Normal
Von Willebrands - Clear
DM - Normal
NE - Normal
PRA-prcd - Normal


BOSS BPISS Can Ch KushNivas Jus Smoke N Mirrors RN CD


CHIC # - 122723
hips - fair
Eyes - Normal
Advanced Cardiac - Normal
SA - Normal
Von Willebrands - Clear
DM - Normal
NE - Normal

The Magnificent Seven - Here they Are!

They were born on Oct 5, 2019, between the hours of 9 am and 11 am. Yup, 7 babes in 2 hours. There are 4 males and 3 females. Between not getting much sleep this weekend and managing constant clean up/ change of bedding and a Momma (Reba) who is struggling to support her family and recover herself, we've had a few challenges.

As of this date, the pups are all thriving, eating well, and gaining weight. They are sweet, saucy and active.

To make things easy, I've given them temporary names in alphabetical order for ease of remembering their order of birth. They are:
Abby (F) Red,
Billie (M) Blue,
Charlie (M) Green,
Daisy (F) Yellow,
Eddy (M) Orange,
Frankie (M) Brown, and last but not least
Georgie (F)White.

Update October 12, 2019 - One Week Old!

Like all puppies of this age, all the babes do is eat and sleep, being woken only for weighing and early neurological stimulation. The cuddles, they are usually sound asleep for. They did have their nails done this week, but they didn’t much care for it… Next time will be old hat for them. They’ve had vibrating clippers in with them, only Abby (red collar) saw fit to check them out. Billy (blue collar) is a bit of a wanderer, but they all seem to have their moments. Frankie (brown collar) is an over indulger… he wants to eat constantly, and it shows on his little round belly. Eddy (orange collar) seems to like to work for his food (he is the one with his head buried between blue and red).