Not only are these kids great companions, but also participants in a variety of sports. Please celebrate with us, their many triumphs, and remember although there are many success stories, there are also disappointments which we don't always hear about. Kudos to the families for the time spent with their kids, win, lose or draw!

Keisha Rally Champion 2019

Mya High In Trial,  2019


Obi earns his MOTC 2018

Pandora and Andy earn a MOTCH 2018

Charlie Girl places 2nd in BC/Yukon Regional Agility Championship 2018

Lucy places 4th at National Poodle Club of America National Speciality and is now a Champion 2018

Ashley: Grand Champion 2015

Charlie Girl earns CD at 7years old. 2014

Keisha herding sheep 2014

Piper earns OTCH 2014

Piper agility run 2014

Deja earns CD 2012

Marco:  Rally Novice 2013

Gaby: Best of Winners  2013

Jessie: Specialty Portland OR 2011

Justice: American Champion 2011

Panache: Best Puppy in Group 2010

Ari: High in Trial 2010

Ashton: Best in Show 2008

Deja: Best Puppy in Show 2008

Jewel: New Champion 2008

Ari: 1st Major

Harry: CD 2008

Cookie - Best Puppy In Show, Mr. Neil Graves
Cookie Best Puppy in Show 2007

Chrysti earns Am CD 2005

Charlie Boy: CGN 2005

Chrysti: Best Puppy in Group 2005

FAI: Best Puppy in Show

FAI and Jr Handler 2005