We plan for Lucy to be the mother of our next litter.
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COVID has not been easy on puppies. Socialization is so difficult, but my puppies have seemed to cope reasonably well compared to many others.  Why? Because they had so many visitors in their first 2 1/2 months of life and lots of life lessons. They played with toys that challenged them, teeter-totters, ramps, climbing on boxes, or into boxes. They listened to tapes of gunshots, cars backfiring, train whistles, babies screaming, children playing and played with empty water bottles and in a pool with water and bottles.  They slept through the night alone in a crate, went to the door to go outside to do their business, and mostly had lots of visitors, including their Great Grandmother Jessie and Great Uncle Justice.  This year this litter will be able to meet their big brother Billy.  I'm not sure who will get the most out of that visit…. haha

You will find a photo of Billy on his Page of this website and Abby on the following YouTube page.   https://youtu.be/s1VNlpflGcw